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ufo project … is an independent knitwear brand by daniela donadei, the sole founder, designer, and knitter of blass-blau, a studio for contemporary knitwear, based in berlin.

unfinished objects (ufos) … many people who like handicrafts know them: unfinished objects, also called ufos. the half-sweater, the cardigan with only one sleeve: for a variety of reasons it doesn't go any further. hidden, in the hope to be never found again, and unable to throw away those once-loved projects, you can find the ufos in closets, squeezed into bags, stuffed behind sofas or sometimes in a sale adverts showing sad pictures of lost ideas.

the origin … a content of a parcel was my inspiration to start the ufo project. looking for left over yarns, i found an ad saying "convolut of different yarns and unfinished knitting pieces for unpicking". this box was filled up to the top with started sweaters, cardigans, hats, belts and bags, all knitted by a woman called helga. from that moment on i fell in love with the idea to revive those desolate and lost unfinished pieces. meanwhile i found a lot of different ufos worldwide, but once in a while i think about helga, who she might have been, if she was a lucky person and why she did not finish all those pieces …

working with ufos … the creative process of merging often includes several attempts and different approaches to combine the existing aesthetics with a new conception and exciting interpretation, where traditional craftsmanship techniques are combined with contemporary trends. the knitted new items based on the “regenerated fashion” principle are unique and are all made by hand in berlin.

the collection in progress … 
each piece of the ufo collection is a wearable work of art with a sustainable character, all of which are unique!

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